Return Policy

Return Policy

The website (“Website”) including the related mobile site and mobile application “GoFynd” (collectively called the “Platform”) are operated by Shopsense Retail Technologies Limited [CIN: U52100MH2012PLC236314] (“Fynd”, "we”, “us” or “our”), a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, having its registered office at 1st Floor, Wework Vijay Diamond, Opp. SBI Branch, Cross Road B, Ajit Nagar, Kondivita, Andheri East, Mumbai 400093, which is a subsidiary of Reliance Retail Ventures Limited.

For the purpose of these terms herein, Platform is an ecommerce marketplace, where various third party sellers (each a “Seller”) list their products in categories such as lifestyle, fashion, grocery and electronics solutions, cosmetics, apparels etc. for sale ("Product(s)") for the users of the Platform (“User(s)”, “your” or “you”).

We aim to provide the best customer experience to our Users beginning from placing an order to initiating a cancellation of their order and issuance of refund. While transacting on the Platform, you can expect a hassle-free experience in cancelling the order of your Product(s) and issuance of refund, and can rely on us as your preferred shopping destination.

This return policy (“Policy”), together with the Terms of Use sets out our procedures and policies in accepting return of Product(s) thereof.


Applicability Of policy


By agreeing to use the Platform and/or initiating a request for purchase of Product(s) on the Platform, you agree to be bound by the terms contained in this Policy without modification. If you do not agree to the terms contained in this Policy, you are advised not to transact on the Platform.


Please note that we may from time to time change the terms of the Policy that govern your return of Product(s) purchased on the Platform. Every time you wish to use the Platform or return your Product(s), please check this Policy to ensure you understand the terms and conditions that apply at that time.


Please note that Fynd does not provide any warranty and guarantee on the Product(s). In case of any warranty and guarantee provided by the Seller, if any, the same shall be reflected on the Product detail page under each Product on the Platform.


Terms For Return Of Products


Return of Product(s)


(a) You may initiate the request for return of the Product if: (i) Product is damaged; (ii) both the Product and shipping package have been damaged; (iii) Product is defective or is not in working condition; (iv) the Product is of bad quality; (v) parts of the Product or accessory is missing; (vi) the Product ordered is different from what was ordered basis the Product description provided on the Platform (“Non-Compliant Product”). You shall initiate such requests for a return of Product within 7 (seven) days from the date of delivery (“Return Period”).


(b) If you have received any Product which is subject to return in terms of this Policy, you may write to us at or you may connect us via "Chat with Us " or "Raise a Ticket" option available on Platform. We will in our sole discretion verify if: (a) the defects and damages in the Products or the non-compliances claimed in such Products are acceptable by us, or (b) such defects, damages or non-compliances are due to our default, and will accordingly post verification, accept or reject the request for return. For such verification, we may request you to send us images of the damaged, defective or Non-Compliant Product received and/or may allow our personnel to schedule a visit to assess the damage, defect or non-compliance in the Product. Further to the assessment of the damage or the concern reported in the return request, we may in our sole discretion resolve the issue subject to the assessment report, in a manner as we may deem fit.


We would accept the request for return of such Product subject to the below-mentioned terms of this Policy.

(a)Your return will be processed only when the conditions as may be stipulated by us are fulfilled at the time of return of such Product(s), such as:


(i) The Product(s) has not been worn, cleaned or tampered with by you.


(ii) The Product(s) is not altered, unless proven vendor defect.


(iii) Return is being initiated against the order under which it was bought and from same account and the serial number/ bar code of the Product(s) matches our records.


(iv) There is no foul odour, perfume, stains, dents, scratches, tears or damage on the Product(s).


(v) The Product(s) if bought as a set should be exchanged as the complete set.


(vi) Product(s) returned should be in unused, undamaged, unwashed and in a saleable condition.


(vii) We are satisfied that the Product(s) has not been rendered defective or unusable.


(viii) Any gifts received should be returned along with the Product(s).


(ix) The Product(s) if bought as a set should be exchanged as the complete set.

(b)You agree that we will not accept the return of any Product: (i) if you have placed the order for a wrong product model, colour or incorrect Product, (ii) if the Product belongs to Non-Returnable Product category mentioned under clause 2.4, (iii) if you fail to request return/register a complaint in relation to a Non-Compliant Product within the Return Period. Any damage to the Product caused by your improper wearing or safekeeping of the Product, or any modification or change to the Product by you the User or a third party or any depreciation in the value for other reasons will not be deemed as a Non-Compliant Product and will not be considered a quality issue. Any decision by us in this regard shall be final and binding.


Non-Returnable Product(s) are the Product(s):

(i) Which belong to Non-Returnable Category mentioned in clause 2.4; or

(ii) Where there is a specific mention that the Product is “Non-Returnable” by the Seller for any Product on the Product display page under - Product Return category on the Platform.

(iii) Products sold under specific sale offer(s) offered by Fynd on the Platform, where the terms and conditions mention that such Product(s) are non-returnable.


Non-Returnable Product categories:

Main Category Sub Category Is Return possible?
Fashion- Clothing Beachwear Bottoms, Beachwear Bikini Tops, Beachwear Tops, Bikinis, Beachwear Bikini Bottoms, Swimsuit, Boardshorts, Rashguard, Swim Trunks, Swim Briefs, Sarong Non-Returnable
Fashion- Lingerie Seamless Panties, Panties, Hipster Panties, Bikini Panties, Thongs, Basic Panties, Boyshorts, Innerwear Accessories, Intimate Accessories, Innerwear Set, Peticot, Corsets, Shapewear Non-Returnable
Fashion- Innerwear & Nightwear Boxers, Briefs, Trunks Non-Returnable
Fashion- Footwear Decoration Charms, Shoe Bag, Insoles, Laces, Brushes, Care Kits, Polishes, Trees, Cleaner, Cream, Shoe Comfort, Horns, Spray, Shoe Protector, Shoe Stretcher, Shoe Outsole Grip Non-Returnable
Fashion- Jewellery Anklets, Toe Rings, Kadas, Bangles, Bracelets, Cuff, Waist Chain, Pendants, Chain with Pendant, Chains, Studs, Earcuffs, Dangle & Drop Earrings, Clip-ons, Hoops, Jhumkis, Ear Chains, Maang Tikka, Bajubandh, Jewellery Case, Jewellery Trays, Blouse Latkans, Jewellery Box, Mask Chain, Floral Jewellery, Gemstones, Jewellery Sets, Necklaces, Layered Necklace, Kanthimala, Chain Necklace, Choker Necklace, Mangalsutra, Statement Necklace, Rings, Hand Harness, Bands, Nose Rings Non-Returnable
Fashion- Accessories Rain Cover, TSA Locks, Bag Care Accessories, Bag Covers, Bag Charms, Bag Accents Kit, Handbag Ornaments, Bag Strap, Rakhi, Cuff Bands, Cravet, Handkerchief, Tie-pins, Brooches, Safa, Ties, Belts, Pocket Squares, Cufflinks, Kalangi, Suspender, Kataar, Cummerbund, Baseball Caps, Hats, Visor Caps, Bucket Hats, Caps, Gatsby Caps, Cowboy Hats, Beanie Caps, Fedora Hats, Coloured Lenses, Daily Disposable, Toric Contact Lenses, Solutions & Accessories, Monthly Reusable, Multifocal & Varifocal, Designer Laces, Aviator Glasses, Oval Glasses, Rectangle Glasses, Wayfarer Glasses, Square Glasses, Cateye Glasses, Almond Glasses, Round Glasses, Hair Clips, Hairbands, Scrunchies, Kids Add-Ons, Spectacle Lenses, Scarves, Stoles, Snoods, Shoe Clips, Stockings, Socks, Sports Add-Ons, Activewear Accessories, Cricket Leather Balls, Cricket Tennis Balls, Batting Gloves, Batting Pads, Keeping Gloves, Keeping Pads, Thigh Pads, Cricket Bat, Buttons, Round Sunglasses, Rectangle Sunglasses, Spectacle Case, Sports Sunglasses, Aviators, Square Sunglasses, Browline Sunglasses, Cateye Sunglasses, Wayfarers, Oversized Sunglasses, Oval Sunglasses, Sunglasses, Frames, Sunglasses Chains & Lanyards, Digital Watches, Analog Watches, Chronograph Watches, Watch Case, Watch Straps, Gloves, Mittens, Mufflers, Thermal Gloves Non-Returnable
Beauty & Personal Care Shaving Cream, Hair Gel, Nutrition Tablets, Herbal powder, Weighing Scales, Nebulizers, Hair Dryers, Digital Thermometers, Fitness Bands, Brush Roll, Eyelash Comb, Duraline, Eye Gels, Sanitary Napkins, Body Souffles, Makeup Accessories, Mirror, Eyeshadow, Headache Roll On, Pain Relief Balm, Body Oils, Body Butters, Makeup Fixer, Scrubs, CC Cream, Makeup Kit, Eyeshadow Palette, Shoe Deodorant, Anti Ageing Cream, Face Massage Cream, Face Mist, Hand Soap, Crayon Lipstick, Eye Wipes, Hair Spa Kits, Beard Wash, Hair Accessories, Hair Brushes, Hair Oil, Conditioner, Shampoo, Body Creams, Body Mousse, Trimmers, Razor, Epilators, Attar, Deodorants, Sunscreen, Moisturizer, Facial Wipes, Eye Serums, Hair Serum, Soaps, Body Wash, Body Scrubs, Bathing Accessories, Lipstick, Pillow Roll On, Bb Cream, Face Brushes, Mascara, Foundation, Face Wash, Lip Liner, Nail Polish Remover, Lip Gloss, Eye Masks, Cleanser, Insect Repellent, Nipple Butter, Eye Roll-On, Hair Extensions, Pedicure Kits, Blush, Serum, Talcum Powders, Liquid Glossy Lipstick, Gift Set, Nail Polish, Hair Cream, Nail Cutter, Compact Spray, Whitening Cream, Anti Acne Cream, Gel Kajal, Hair Spray, Hair Removal Cream, Patches, Creme Lipstick, Sets, Bath Sets, Underarm Roll On, Perfume, Sindoor, Beard Balm, Face Oil, Moisturizing Socks, Colour Contact Lens, Wax Strips, Eyebrow Enhancer, Eye Concealer, Hand Sanitizer, Kohl Kajal, Primer, Hair Wax, Compact, Eye Brushes, Liquid Compact, Liquid Soap, Toners, Foot Cream, Facial Kits, Highlighter Cake, Slimming Cream, False Eyelashes, Slimming Belts, Hand Cream, Bath Oil, Hair Spa, Anti-Stretch Mark Cream, Nail Art Kit, Personal Care Gift Sets, Head Wrap, Natural Lipstick, Body Massage Balm, Nail Accessories, Hair Colour, Brush Sets, Masks, Lip Brushes, Kajal Pencil, Bath Salt, Concealer, Liquid Creme Lipstick, Anti Blemish Cream, Day Cream, Foot Scrub, Toilet Seat Spray, Intimate Wash, Liquid Lipstick, Fragrance Plug, Eyeliner, Body Mists, Pillow Spray, Massagers, Night Cream, Face Shield, Crayon Pearl Lipstick, Sponge, Manicure Kits, Home Fragrance, Compact Cake, Anti Wrinkle Cream, Infrared Thermometer, Protective Mask, Compact Powder, Vegetable & Fruit Wash, Combs, Face Gel, Matte Lip Gloss, Liquid Highlighter, Kajal, Glossy Lipstick, Face Cream, Beard Colour, Eye Creams, Roll On Kajal Pencil, Stick Highlighter, Makeup Remover, Compact Stick, Blush Highlighter, Kajal Stick, Matte Lipstick, Pearl Lipstick, Liquid Matte Lipstick, Liquid Natural Lipstick, Lip Balm, Liquid Pearl Lipstick, Crayon Matte Lipstick, Crayon Glossy Lipstick, Crayon Creme Lipstick, Crayon Natural Lipstick, Glossy Lip Gloss, Creme Lip Gloss, Natural Lip gloss, Pearl Lip Gloss, Body Sprays, Foot Spray, Face Disinfectant, Personal Protective Equipment Kit, Safety Goggle, Examination Gloves, Object Disinfectant, Beard Oil, Body Lotions, Anti Chafing Gel, After Shave Balm, Beard Accessories, Car Fragrances, Home Fragrance Refills, Wallflower Refills, Wallflower Heaters, Room Sprays, Cleansing Hand Gels, Shower Gels, Bath Soaks, Bath Fizzies, Essential Oils, Hand Scrubs, Foot Treatment Creams, Shaving Gels, Shaving Balm, Immunity Drops, Cuticle Oils, Car Fragrance Refills, PocketBac Holders, Hair Care Supplements, Shaving Essentials, Acupressure Mats, Eye Primers, Eyelash Curlers, Lip Plumpers, Lip Stains, Contours, Bronzers, Lip Scrubs, Tweezers, Hair Color Correctors, Hair Tints, Hair Removal Tools, Curl Enhancing Creams, Hair Heat Protectants, Hair Primers, Scalp & Hair Treatments, Loofas, Jade Rollers, Tampons, Panty Liners, Menstrual Cups, Moustache Oils, Moustache Wax, Tongue Cleaners, Floss, Mouthwash, Tooth Powders, Hair Stylers, Hair Straighteners, Hair Curlers, Cotton Swabs, Adult Diapers, Condoms, Health Supplements, Sexual Health & Wellness, Intimate Hygiene, Rash Cream, Bum cream, Hair Clay, Cosmetic Sharpeners, Makeup Highlighters, Yoga Mat, Hair Drinks, Body Serums, Chewable Tablets, Organic Drops, Face Pack, Protein Supplements, Gift Hampers All categories are non-returnable
Home & Living Dishwash Tablets, Floor Cleaners, Umbrella Holders, Washing Powder, Wet Grinders, Electric Kettle, Yogurt Makers, Deep Fat Fryers, Hampers & Baskets, Shower Holder, Spoons, Cabinet, Cutlery, Decanters, Dining Storage, Single Door, Dishwash Liquid, Side Table, Coffee Makers, Knives, Chandeliers, Door Mats, Mattress, Steamer, Incense Sticks Holders, Electric Skillets, Salt & Pepper Grinders, Water Jugs, Mattress Protectors, Decals & Stickers, Coasters, Fully Automatic Front Load, Table Napkins, Handbag Organiser, Wreath, Table Runner, Bathroom Caddy, Cup & Saucer, Casserole, Jewellery Box Stands, Ottoman, Dishwashers, Water Purifiers, Fully Automatic Top Load, Drapery, Hearth & Fireplace, Shot Bottles, Napkin Holder, Voltage Stabilizers, Beach Towel, Showpieces, Serving Sets, Snifter, Magazine Organiser, Succulents Plants, Measuring Spoons, Lamp Shades, Air Coolers, Breakfast Set, Knives Holder, Toothbrush Holder, Laundry Bag, Lanterns, Shuffleboard, Double Door, Bar Furniture, Desk Organiser, Dining Chair, Hand Mixers, Fireplace Screens, Dressing Tables, Tea Sets, Peg Measure, Duvet Cover, Bookcase, Slow Cookers, Whisk, Fabric Pre & Post Wash, Art Pieces, Table, Quilts & Rajais, Shower Mats, Wall Shelves, Towel Holder, Electric Slicers, Coverlets, Pillow, Baking Mould, Floor Lamps, Belan, Pasta Machines, Strainer, Game Accessories, Pillow Protectors, Artificial Flowers, Tissue Holder, Bath Rug, Popcorn Makers, Dinner Set, Bed Sheets, Vases, Bed Covers, Cake Server, Soap Dishes, Desk, Pasta Measure, Pillow Inserts, Room Partitions, Crepe Makers, Butler Table, Tumbler, Bath Robe, Jar, Storage Boxes, Cushion Fillers, Pet Feeding Bowl, Sprouter, Convertible, Storage Bin, Desk Accessories, Peeler, Dinner Plates, Elecrtonics & Tech Accessories, Benches, Upholstery, Bar Accessories, Dessert Spoons, Foosball Table, Cup, Pillow Covers, Pitchers, Drinking Glasses, Mugs, Serving Platters, Alarm Clocks, Tea & Coffee Accessories, Dessert Plates, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Makeup Organiser, Lighting Accessories, Cake Stands, Lunch Box, Bath Towel, Cheese Boards, Forks, Trays, Placemats, Mattress Pads, Table Cloth, Tea Cosy, Saucer, Bathroom Vanities, Shower Curtains, Soap Dispensers, Toiletry Bag, Mixer Grinders, Swab Storage, Bath Mats, Bed Sheets Sets, Blankets, Comforters, Dohars, Pillow Shams, Duvet, Bed Linen Set, Buffets & Sidebars, Clothes Storage, Shoe Racks, Wardrobe Organisers, Bolster Pillows, Candle Holders, Candles, Scented Candles, Tea Light Candles, Sauce Pan, Sculptures, Water Dispenser, Faux Plants, Fountains, Key Holder, Wind Chimes, Glasses, Aroma Oils, Diffusers, Incense Sticks, Potpourri, Clocks, Triple Door, Mirrors, Dining Table Set, Vintage Clocks, Vintage Finds, Wall Art, Beds, Coffee Tables, Dining Benches, Dining Table, Flush Mount Lights, Console Table, Storage Trunks, Cushion Covers, Cushions, Curtains, Throws, Ceiling Lights, Decorative Lights, Entry Furniture, Study Table Lamps, Photo Frame, Table Lamps, Wall Lamps, Mattress Toppers, Hooks, Rugs & Dhurries, Bowls, Platters, Hand Towel, Towel Set, Baking Tray, Toilet Brush Holder, Towel Rod, Floor Mats, Floor Runner, Frying Pan, Kadhai, Pet Collar Charm, Stew Pan, Tawa, Fans, Carafe, Cocktail Set, Cocktail Shaker, Canister, Food Container, Oil Dispenser, Bottle Holder, Tea Box, Chopping Board, Cutlery Holder, Dish Rack, Kitchen Trolly, Lounging & Relaxing Furniture, Ladle, Measuring Cup, Electric Knife Sharpeners, Bar & Counter Stools, Spatula, Tongs, Handi, Flask, Kettle, Bed Skirts, Kulladhs, Microwave Ovens, Kitchen Linen Set, Drawer Organiser, Wardrobe Organiser, Salad Plates, Separators, Shoes Organiser, Suit Organiser, Closet Storage, Sweater Bag, Planters, Tote Basket, Garbage Bag, Garbage Bag Holder, Hanger Holder, Hanger, Hockey Table, Poker Table, Juicer Mixer Grinders, Board Game, Table Tennis, Media Furniture, Office Chairs, File Cabinets, Leather Furniture, Bar Carts, Kitchen Island, Nightstands, Bedside Table, Foundations, Dehumidifiers, Wastebaskets, Outdoor Dining Furniture, Medicine Cabinets, Bathroom Faucets, Pendant Lamps, Lamp Bases, Sconces, String Lights, Poufs, Garlands, Log Racks & Holders, Electric Fireplaces, Pet Collar, Salad Spoons, Water Bottle, Fireplace Tools, Jewellery Organiser, Egg Holders, Food Processors, Cotton Candy Makers, Inverters, Chopping Board Rack, Split AC, Flowerpot, Duvet Inserts, Pool Table, Coffee Filter, Irons, Air Purifiers, Vacuum Cleaners, Pop Up Toasters, Face Towel, Roti Makers, Bread Makers, Window AC, Water Geysers, Digital Kitchen Scales, Egg Boilers, Electric Can Openers, Electric Steamers, Room Heaters, Semi-Automatic Top Load, Inverter AC, Side by Side, Serving Bowls, Humidifiers, Sofas, Juicers, Induction Cooktops, Hand Blenders, Sandwich Makers, Carpets, Electric Cookers, Chimneys, Shelf Liner, Dome with Base, Oven Toaster Grills, All-purpose Cleaner, Butter Dish, Sewing Machines, Table Linen Set, Decorative Objects, Chakla & Belan Set, Immersion Rods, Shower Caps, Chip & Dip Serving Set, Ramekin, Mortar & Pestle, Notice Board, Ice Cream Spoons, Coffee Dabara Set, Storage Basket, Spoon Rest, Fruit Pick, Skyscraper Bottle, Dispenser Stand, Spice Box, Tea Bag Rest, Dish Towels, Table Covers, Bathroom Hardware Accessories, Vinegar Dispenser, Chairs, 3 Wick Candles, Single Wick Candles, Small Candles, Bottle Openers, Trivets, Drink Tables, Media Console Tables, Sake Set, Coat Racks, Stacking Stools, Drain Cleaners, Liquid Detergents, Pesticides, BBQ Tool Sets, Clothes Clips, Dough Bags, Wok Pans, Organic Fertilizers, Miticides, Fungicides, Macro Nutrients, Dishwasher Gloves, Bottle Cleaning Brushes, Drinking Straws, Straw Cleaning Brushes, Air Fresheners, Hot & Cold Thermal Bags, Manual Choppers, Gas Lighters, Pizza Cutters, Mashers, Frying Strainers, Coconut & Pineapple Cutters, Cylinder Stands, Idli Stands, Lemon Squeezers, Reusable Ice Stones, Ice Moulds, Taco Holders, Foldable Shopping Trolley Bags, Kitchen Tool Sets, Chilling Stones, Electric Wine Opener, Ashtray, Bartender Kit Bags, Chair Covers, Home Furnishing Fabrics, Bed Runners, Toilet Seat Cover, Wallpaper, Stainless Steel Bottle, Steel Vacuum Flask Bottle, Plastic Water Bottle, Gym Shaker Bottle, Sport Sipper Bottle, Unbreakable Plastic Mug, Stainless Steel Mug, Stainless Steel Insulated Mug, Plastic Lunch Box, Stainless Steel Lunch box, Stainless Steel Insulated Lunch Box, Wooden Desktop, Sports Bottles, Pet Shampoo, Pet Supplies, Kitchen Organisers, Garden Planters, Cleaning Sponge, Camphor, Pooja Oils, Pressure Cookers, Master Panels, Wall Panels, Trinket Box, Pooja Lamps, Pooja Thali, Wall Hanging, Cloth Stands, Rangoli, Tea Strainer, Bed Spreads, Idols, Toilet Rolls & Wipes, Kitchen Disposables, Rudraksha, Shankha, Prayer Beads, Yantra, Remote Holders, Table Clocks, Bookends, Outdoor Living Furniture, Outdoor Lounger Furniture, Outdoor Cabanas Furniture All categories are non-returnable
Toys & games Pocket Games, Bendables, Indoor Playing Set, Gun, Outdoor Activity Games, E-Learning Toy, Play Gym, Dancing Toy, Sports Activity Accessories, Playhouses, Hand Puppet, Bubble Blower, Toys Adornments, Bean Toy, Helicopters, Vehicles, Tractors, Toy Figures, Puzzles, Play Dough, Painting Supplies, Musical Keyboards, Video Game Consoles, Dollhouse Accessories, Cars, Building Blocks, Board Games, Bath Toys, Action Games, Animal Toys, Wind Instruments, Costumes, Coloring Books, Playsets, PC Games, Stationery, Flingers, Books, Baby Rattles, Learning Toys, Mics, Water Toys, Action Figures, Electronics Toy, Play Pillow, Baby Toys, Baby Dolls, Musical Toys, Playmats, Drawing Pads, String Instruments, Interactive Toys, Drawing Books, Bobbleheads, Toy Box, Card Games, Ride Ons, Plush Toys, Boards, Character Toys, Drums, Kids Puzzles, Magic Products, Balloons, Party Garlands, Party Streamers, Confettis, Party Candles, Pinatas, Party Banners, Decoration Sets, Party Photobooth Props, Cake Toppers, Cupcake Toppers, Theme Masks, Blowouts, Snow Sprays, Sashes, Party Glow Ornaments, Party Caps & Hats, Party Accessories, Party Favours, Balloon Pumps, Cot Mobiles, Magnetic Toys, Marble Runs, Train Sets, Money Banks, Spinning Toys, Household Toys, Role Play Toys, Weapons Toys, Slime Toys, Kaleidoscopes, Football, Badminton Racket, Learning Kit, Flash Cards, Teddy Bear All categories are non-returnable
Baby Care & Kids Essentials Pillows, Throw Cushions, Bikes, Cereals, Baby Pillows, Cots, Storage Container, Rainwear, Rocker, Safety Equipment, Napkins, Swimwear Accessories, Mosquito Repellent, Liquid Cleanser, Toiletries Box, Diaper Bag, Towel, Powderpuff, Strawbrush, Toothbrush, Travel Kit, Baby Lotion, Baby Powder, Cribs, Feeding Nursing Wrap, Cotton Buds, Baby Hand Sanitizer, Cradles, Baby Oil, Liquid Talc, Baby Safety, Wipes, Wardrobes, Prams, Feeding, Breastfeeding, Sleeping Pods, Toilet Training, Nappies, Cot Bedding Sets, Toothpaste, Laundry Detergent, Tricycles, Cot Sheets, Cot Bumpers, Toilet Training Chair, Cover, Baby Car Seats, Bed in a Bag, Grooming Set, Baby Shampoo, Thermometer, Baby Carriers, Bed Utilities, Carry Nest, Bedding Set, First Aid, Comb, Fabric Softener, Bath Utilities, Nose Cleaner, Feeding Utilities, Furniture Sets, Strollers, Swing, Teethers, Baby Protective Mask, Baby Nail Cutter, Bouncer, Baby Cream, Shape Cushions, Corset Belt, Mat, Booster Seat, Medicine Dropper, Head Pillows, Baby Food Container, Feeding Bibs, Feeding Bottle, Feeding Weaning, Toilet Training Step Tools, Baby Nest, Baby Blankets, Bolsters, Bottle Cleaners, Baby Beds, Baby Care Gift Sets, Mustard Seed Head Pillow, Baby Face Wash, Baby Walkers, Safety Gate, Feeding Sippers, Toilet Training Potty Seat, Soap, Baby Hair Brushes, Dental Care, Baby Bed Sheets, Baby Wash, Cotton Blankets, Gadda Bedding Set, Baby Chairs, Baby Nail Accessories, Baby Hanger, Baby Cookies, Sterilizers, Wipes Warmers, Milk Warmers, Medical Kit, Bottle Protection Bag, Thermometer Probe Covers, Tummy Roll On, Baby Hair Clippers, Baby Ear Cleaners, Electric Breast Pumps, Manual Breast Pumps, Breast Pads, Nipple Shields, Feeding Pillows, Post-Partum Pillows, Pregnancy Pillows, Maternity Pads, Disposable Maternity Panties, Maternity Bed Mats, Maternity Belts & Girdles, Muslins, Soothers, Pacifiers, Nibblers, Milk Storages, Baby Conditioners, Diaper Rash Creams, Baby Tissues, Diaper Pants, Baby Bath Tubs, Baby Bathers, Baby Bath Stands, Baby Cotton Pads, Baby Cotton Pleats, Baby Cleansing Hand Gels, Crib Sheets, Baby Mattress, Baby Gifts & Keepsakes, Baby Storage Cabinets, Swaddles, Baby Quilts, Baby Comforters, Baby Curtains, Baby Lamp Shades, Baby Wall Stickers, Baby Bath Gloves, Baby Sunscreens, Baby Monitors, Hearing Protection Earmuffs, Diaper Covers, Diaper Liners, Diaper Stackers, Food Warmers, Baby Lip Gels, Baby Bath Nets, Carry Cots, Baby Pillow Covers, Baby Hammocks, Baby Scissors, Baby Wraps. All categories are non-returnable


You cannot return any Product(s) purchased in any specific sale offers offered on the Platform. (Please read the respective offer terms and conditions for further details).


Return of purchased Product(s) is facilitated through our reverse-logistics partners. On receipt of request for return of Product(s) on the Platform and the same being duly acknowledged by us, our reverse-logistics partners may get in touch with you in order to collect the purchased Product(s) from you.


Fynd allows you to choose any pick up address, provided the same is informed at or by using the'Chat with Us ' or 'Raise a Ticket’ ' option. In case if the pin-code is not-serviceable the same shall be informed to you by our customer service personnel or you may self-check the serviceable pin code at the address page of the Platform.


Return pickup of your Product(s) might fail if the return pickup executive was unable to locate your address or if no one was available at the address to hand over the Product(s) and your mobile number was also not reachable.


In case if your 1st attempt is failed for any reason, you may connect with our customer care support at or by using the'Chat with Us ' or 'Raise a Ticket’' option, where we will assist you to reschedule another pickup and communicate the same to you.


Refund in case of Return of Product(s)

(a) Subject to the terms of return in this Policy, the refund amount for such returned Product(s)/order, will be processed within a period of 15 (fifteen) business days from the date of return request raised.

(b) There shall not be any refund in case of return of Product(s) purchased in any specific sale offers offered on the Platform. (Please read the respective offer terms and conditions for further details).p>

(c) We do not make any cash refunds. The refund amount will be credited to the original payment mode opted by you. The amount will be refunded to you within 15 (fifteen) business days depending upon the mode of payment chosen by you. Sometimes banks or financial intermediaries take a longer time to process the refund request. However, if the refund does not happen by the date advised, you may contact our customer support team at or by using the'Chat with Us ' or 'Raise a Ticket’ ' option on the Platform, and we will gladly help you.

(d) Refund to the User shall not include any amount paid towards shipping charges or any other such charges applicable from time to time. We will not refund any GoFynd points (i.e. reward points) used towards such cancelled order.

Last updated on: 12th June, 2023