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Herbal Soul Combo Of Rose Powder + Orange Peel Powder + Bhringraj Powder | 300 gm
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Herbal Soul Rose Petal Powder is 100% natural, unadulterated, triple-sifted, micro-fine powder obtained by drying the fresh petals of roses. The rose petal powder are purely organic, cultivated with no use of chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers. Rose Petal Powder does not have any added artificial colours. Herbal Soul Rose Powder is completely natural, so it hydrates the skin with 100% purity. Rose petal powder calms down any tingling sensations, redness, sloughs away dead skin cells which usually lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Rose petal powder regular usage leaves the skin and face feel relaxed, smooth and refreshed. Rose powder gives innumerable benefits to the skin, maintains the skin texture, brightens up the skin complexion, fades away blemishes, exfoliates dead skin cells and imparts a natural glow to the skin. Rose powder maintains the natural pH balance of the skin. Rose powder gently makes the skin soft and supple. Rose petal powder helps to make Skin Fresh and Toned. Dried Rose petal powder when used as a face mask, traps moisture into the skin and makes skin glossy, fresh and toned. Owing to its anti-bacterial properties, rose petal powder removes dirt and excess oil from the pores and helps you to get rid of the acne and blackheads. Rose powder contains antioxidants that help in fighting the free radicals inside the body and refreshes your skin naturally. Helps with Sunburn Being rich in Vitamin C rose petal powder can be used for soothing sunburn skin. Rose powder is rich in vitamins C, B and K which help in maintaining smooth and flawless skin tones when one applies it regularly. Herbal Soul Rose petal powder is grounded from finest rose petals that are cured to perfection. The rose powder is an essential ingredient in many face packs, hair packs, hair oils because of its cooling properties and soothing fragrance. No Side Effects : The completely organic rose petal powder renders it suitable for application on all skin types. Herbal Soul Orange peel powder is rich in vitamin C that protects skin from free radical damage, keeps skin hydrated and moisturized. Herbal Soul Orange Peel Powder is made by grinding dried Orange Peel to the powder. Our Orange peel powder acts as a natural cleanser, astringent and skin toner. Orange peel powder is for all skin types : The orange peel powder is fit for all skin types whether dry, oily, sensitive or normal. It rejuvenates the skin and maintains the youthful skin by retaining moisture. Orange peel powder is a natural herbal powder for beautiful skin. Herbal Soul orange peel powder helps in tightening the skin without disturbing the natural moisture. Orange peel powder is also useful for maintaining the natural shine of face. Orange peel powder brighten your skin tone with the anti-oxidant property of orange peel and maintains the elasticity of skin. Pure Orange peel powder gives off a rejuvenating face and skin when added to water or milk or other essential oil. Orange peel powder heals acne prone skin By including orange peel powder in our daily skin care regimen can be extremely helpful in keeping acne, scars, pimples, signs of ageing, wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines, dark spots. Orange peel powder protects skin from free radical damage and keep it blemish free. Orange peel powder lightens your Skin Tone as loaded with citric acid, orange peel powder works as natural bleach for our skin. It can be effectively used for lightening the skin tone. Orange peel powder is a natural skin whitener and may lighten skin tone with frequent use. Orange peel helps to fight premature aging of the skin by helping to restore collagen. Regular application of this Orange peel face pack can add natural glow to skin and offers a soothing freshness to your dry skin making it soft and supple. Usage instructions: For Fairness, Take 2 teaspoon of orange peel powder, 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon turmeric, apply and wash it with water. Herbal Soul 100% pure and original Bhingaraj Leaves Powder Bhringraj powder is makes hair Smooth, Shiny and Healthy. Herb for Hair: Bhringaraj is an Ayurvedic herb found throughout India, is botanically known as Eclipta alba. Bhringaraj is considered a rasayana for hair or a substance that rejuvenates. Bhringraj’s natural composition helps address hair issues like dandruff and lice. Owing to its highly beneficial properties, Bhringraj powder is said to hinder in the growth of organisms on the scalp and thus help in building a strong hair Bhringraj powder has anti-inflammatory properties that help to enhance hair growth GOOD FOR HAIR HEALTH : Regular application of the Bhringraj powder results in increasing hair growth and bestowing the user with thicker, stronger and lustrous hair. Good Conditioner To Hair and Makes, Softly Hair. By using Bringraj powder you can Entirely gets rid of blemishes and acne scars from your skin. False Daisy, Bhringaraj, Eclipta, Han lian cao, Takasaburou, Verba de tago, Congo Lanna, Babri, Galagara, Gunta-kalagara, Kaikeshi, Karisha-langanni, Karisirang-kanni, Kesharaji, Kesuri, Kesuria, Kesutti, Maka, Mochkand are other names for Bhringraj. Bhringaraj is effective against Hair Loss & Promotes Hair Growth Bhringraj powder Imparts natural color to hair and overall improves hair health. Bhringraj powder helps Baldness and Premature Hair Graying of hair.Bhringraj nourishes the hair by supplying vitamins and antioxidants to the hair.Bhringraj powder prevents thinning of hair. The bringraj herb also restores the natural colour of hair. The application of Bhringraj powder mixed with yogurt prevents baldness. Bhringraj powder acts as a natural hair shiner Herbal Bhringraj powder acts as a hair conditioner Bhringraj leaf powder acts as Scalp rejuvenator Bhringraj powder can be used as Hair pack or hair mask. Bhringaraj Leaf Powder for Hair Nourishing Mask: Mix bhringraj with water. Apply to hair . Rinse after an hour.