Kidbea Baby's All in One Washable Reusable Adjustable Cloth 2 Diapers with 2 Insert- Cutie Mars & Mandala
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Diaper Pants
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Did you know there is a baby diaper which is made entirely of CLOTH and yes it’s not a nappies or langot it is a diaper! It will keep your baby dry for a minimum of 4-5 hrs. It's a Reusable Diaper which means that any fabric which touches your precious baby is certified free from harmful chemicals. These soft & comfortable diapers are adjustable from waist and length wise from age of 3 months to 3 years. These adjustable diapers will help you save so much rather than buying disposable. It is Waterproof & absorb all night which keeps your baby feel dry & comfy !!
Cloth diaper is washable, & thus reusable up to 300+ washes. Reusable Diapers which are made of all cloth & no harmful chemicals. It is soft, gentle, breathable, waterproof and prevent rashes, keeps the baby's skin dry all night.

Diapers can be machine washed and spin dried & it performs much like cotton and can be mercerized for increased strength and luster.

Printed Reusable Diapers Set - 2pc which includes -
- a free-size Waterproof Outer,
- a Dry Feel Pad that soak the pee with a dry feel layer on top to keep the baby’s bum dry.
Outer layer - PUL Waterproof
Inner layer - Micro Bamboo Fleece
Dry feel Pad - Anti-pilling micro bamboo fleece with 4 layers of bamboo terry
Category - Unisex
Age - 6m -3 Years

In Case of Machine Wash
Put diaper in machine, add sufficient detergent
Wash the diapers in a regular daily washing machine in a wash cycle- 30-minute cycle.
Spin dry in machine, do not wring.
Hang diapers & soakers to dry in the sun. Sun is a great disinfectant.


Do ‘s
Do hot water rinse every month.
Bleach Diapers every 6 months. Make a solution of bleach & water in the proportion of 5ml per 5 liters. Soaker diapers in solution for 20 minutes Rinse off bleach & wash thoroughly.

Do not use boiling water for cleaning.
Do not use Dettol, liquid detergent.
Do not use comfort/fabric conditioners.
Do not store soiled diapers. wash every day or every other day.
Use additive-free detergent (detergent powder).