Mosquito Net for Double Bed, King-Size, Round Ceiling Hanging Foldable Polyester Net white And Pink
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Round Ceiling Mosquito Net is easy to install and pop-ups instantly. The net are of generous size which can easily fit any bed size. The mosquito net has a of soft fabric that has tiny holes which keeps not only mosquitoes out but also other insect out and yet allows breeze of air for comfortable and peaceful sleep. Size of Double bed is 260*260*1050 cms (i.e. 8.5*8.5*35 Ft) can Easily accommodate bed for double bed.Double Bed Mosquito Net Round Ceiling double bed mosquito net gives complete protection from mosquitoes, flies and insects. made up with polyester fabric and fine mesh ensures it to be a quality product.Its easily fold able facility and being light weighted makes it easy to carry Availability of net in different colors gives people a choice to choose according to the decor of the bedroom.