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Organic Harvest Aloe Vera Gel Enriched with 100% Pure Aloe Vera Leaf Extracts, Neem & Cucumber, for Skin And Hair, Paraben Free - 200gm
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The Organic harvest aloe vera gel for skin and scalp is made with organic aloe vera plant extracts, and it is also fortified with extracts of cucumber and neem. There are ingredients like organic glycerine as well. This gel has a non-sticky consistency, and people with all skin types can try it. There are no overpowering aromas or artificial colours in it.

The Organic harvest pure aloe vera gel for face and hair contains organic plant extracts. People with delicate skin can use it too. When you use it in a consistent manner, skin health is enhanced noticeably. Problems like dull and dry skin vanish, and you get a soft, glowing complexion that fetches you compliments along with jealous looks everywhere. Try this organic pure aloe vera gel to offer relief to sunburn skin or for treating skin wounds. There are no sulphates and paraben in this aloe vera gel, so there is no risk of skin woes.

Organic harvest is now preferred by people seeking natural skincare products who do not want to make compromises. It is enriched with several natural plant extracts and pure glycerine. We not only use natural extracts in our products, but our focus is on growing these plants without using chemical fertilisers. So, the end product you get contains no hazardous substances. It is not without reasons that organisations like PETA have acknowledged us as a cruelty-free company making vegan products.




● First of all, wash the face with water. Use a gentle cleanser.
● Dry the face with a soft texture towel.
● Now, take a small quantity of aloe vera gel.
● Rub the gel gently on the face or skin parts.
● Do this thrice a week or more for the desired outcome.




● Top-notch skin and scalp care- Aloe vera has been used for a very long time to resolve skin issues by several tribes. It hydrates skin, keeps skin soft and eliminates dry and dull skin issues effectively.
● Pure natural ingredients- Using carefully selected organic and herbal products has helped Organic Harvest carve a niche in the highly competitive skincare industry. This aloe vera gel contains natural ingredients that enhance scalp and skin health without side effects.
● Reduction in skin spots- Are skin spots and acne marks refusing to go away and giving you sleepless nights. Try this organic aloe vera gel and say goodbye to those recurring menaces.
● Boosts skin health and hydration- Loss of skin shine and elasticity is a hassle faced by millions of people. Using this organic aloe vera gel is ideal if you want glowing and supple skin.
● Reduces skin infections- The presence of neem extracts in this natural aloe vera gel helps stave off skin infections. It helps you recover from skin cuts and wounds, too.




Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Neem & Cucumber



● Comprehensive skincare- Organic Harvest aloe vera gel contains premium quality and organic aloe vera leaf extracts along with many other natural ingredients with skin rejuvenating and healing properties. It can be used to resolve various skin problems. This organic aloe vera gel can be useful for both genders.

● Selected natural ingredients- This organic aloe vera gel for face and scalp is miles ahead of the OTC aloe vera products you can find in the market. It contains superior quality herb and plant extracts. There is no trace of toxic chemicals and artificial compounds in its composition.

● Combats skin dryness- Dry skin woes are faced by millions of people across diverse age groups. After prolonged exposure to harsh sun rays and rising pollution levels, skin hydration takes a nosedive. Lack of proper dietary habits and inadequate sleep, and lifestyle issues make the situation worse as it is. Use the Organic Harvest aloe vera gel for face and scalp and discover hydrated, supple skin.

● Reduces skin rashes and spots- Owing to diet, hygiene, and genetic issues, blemishes on the skin and ugly spots on the face have become chronic issues. Those with sensitive and oily skins fare worse in this regard. If you suffer from these skin issues, try this natural aloe vera gel enriched with cucumber and neem extracts. Regular usage will lead to a drastic reduction in skin rashes and marks.

● Reduces skin infections- This pure aloe vera gel for face contains neem extracts. Neem is known for powerful antibacterial properties. So, its use helps reduce instances of skin infections. Recovering from skin wounds becomes faster as well.