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Organic Hair Loss Control Shampoo, 250 ml
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Organic Harvest'S Organic Hair Loss Control Shampoo Is Enriched With Onion Extract, Making It A Powerful Product To Eliminate Hair Loss And Regain Desired Hair Growth. The Onion Hair Fall Shampoo By Organic Harvest Helps Improve Hair Growth By Boosting The Level Of The Antioxidant Enzyme Catalase. You Might Ask How It Does So? Onion Extract'S Enzyme In The Shampoo Helps Decompose Hydrogen Peroxide, Optimizing The Hair Growth Cycle. It Helps Nourish Your Hair Follicles With Its Rich Content Of Sulphur. The Rich Sulphur Content Also Aids In Minimizing The Possibilities Of Hair Thinning And Breakage. The Antioxidants In The Onion Shampoo Help Reverse Premature Greying And Even Delay The Greying Of Hair. Also, Onion Extract Stimulates Your Scalp And Improves Blood Circulation, Resulting In Its Well-Nourished Follicles. With A Firm Belief In All The Amazing Things Plants Can Do, Organic Harvest Aims To Bring Plants’ Power In All Its Products. Organic Harvest, With Its Extensive Hair Care Range, Have Developed Some High-Performance Products, Which Combine The Power Of Plants With Organic Ingredients.