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Spruce Shave Club Natural Beard Wash |Sulfate & Paraben Free | Cedarwood & Mandarin
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Beard Wash
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The Spruce Shave Club Beard Wash is made using natural ingredient and is enriched with pure essential oils to give your beard the nourishment it needs. The Beard Wash helps cleanse the beard of all impurities and dirt while increasing beard hair strength to prevent hair fall and help you maintain and thick and strong beard. The wash also contains helpful extracts that reduces dandruff in the beard to give you clean, stylish and elegant beard style. CLEANER & HEALTHIER BEARDS: Our beard wash and shampoo has carefully crafted with hand picked ingredients and essential oils to cleanse your beard of all dirt & impurities and deliver a cleaner softer and healthier beard. The beard wash also strengthens the beard hairs and roots to strengthen your beard and prevent hair fall. This helps deliver a stronger and denser beard. NO MORE BEARDRUFF: Our beard wash and shampoo moisturizes and hydrates the skin underneath to prevent dryness which causes dandruff in your beard. By properly conditioning your beard and the skin underneath, the beard wash will ensure that your beard growth is not hindered by hair loss and dandruff. It allows you to grow a softer & denser beard. NATURAL OILS & EXTRACTS: Our beard wash is enriched with natural essential oils and extracts like aloe vera & vitamin e which further strenghten the beard hairs and promote stronger and faster beard growth. NO SIDE EFFECTS: We have carefully developed our beard wash and shampoo to be completely sulphate and paraben free. This beard shampoo contains no harful chemicals and ensure a natural & safe beard cleansing experience. Moreover, our product is completely cruelty free. SHINIER & SOFTER BEARDS: By cleansing your beard off alll damaging impurities, our beard wash ensure that your beard remains smooth, soft & hydrated. This in turn helps keep your beard fresh & constantly hydrated. It will add a nice shine to your beard for the best beard look and provide long lasting refreshment.