Vitamin C Facewash + Vitamin C Toner + Vitamin C Cream 
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Vitamin C Face Wash - Sirona Vitamin C Face Wash Contains Charcoal Which Removes Excess Impurities And Unclogs The Pores To Ensure Your Skin Feels Clean And Refreshed. The Face Wash Is Loaded With The Goodness Of Vitamin C Which Neutralizes Free Radicals Production To Brighten The Skin Tone. Moreover Licorice Root Prevents Excess Melanin Production To Reduce Dark Spots. Vitamin C Face Cream - Sirona Vitamin C Face Cream Is A Daily Use Cream Which Is Packed With The Goodness Of Vitamin C Hyaluronic Acid And Tasmanian Pepper Fruit To Provide Skin Radiance. The Daily Use Of This Cream Effectively Inhibits Excess Melanin Production To Reduce Dark Spots And Provide Skin Radiance. The Potent Combination Of Vitamin C And Hyaluronic Acid Promotes Skin Collagen Production And Hydrates It To Make It Soft As Well As Supple. Vitamin C Toner- Due To Its Alcohol-Free Formula Sirona Refreshing Face Toner Cleanses Purifies And Smoothens The Skin Very Gently Yet Effectively. The Right Concentration Of Vitamin C In This Toner Improves The Skin Tone By Inhibiting Excessive Melanin Production. Unique Blend Of These Two Ingredients In The Toner Calms And Soothes The Skin.