Funvention Write & Wipe Activity - Pen Control Science Kits for Kids Age 3Y+
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Funvention team proud to launch the new segment of Write and Wipe educational kits after STEAM DIY Educational Toys Success in India.Holding and using a pen effectively are key skills for children to learn and master as the first steps towards learning how to write. This kit is full of great pen control exercises and activities for your child to complete, starting with simple line drawing, and progressing to more complex shapes, trails, drawing and mazes as they grow in confidence. As the sheets wipe clean, and the kit comes with a special dry-wipe pen, all of the exercises can be completed, wiped away and repeated, time and time again.Help your pre-schooler master tracing and pen control skills with this colorful, practical and fun wipe-clean activity sheets. The sheets are full of great exercises and activities for your child to complete, helping them to develop these key first skills which lead to the ability to form letters and numbers before learning to write.