12 Gen Z Fashion Trends You Don’t Want To Miss Out On (Updated List)

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Fashion is in a constant state of evolution, with each generation bringing fresh perspectives. Gen Z, born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s, is the latest group shaking up the fashion world. Their style is a unique blend of nostalgic revivals, sustainability, and gender inclusivity. This generation views fashion as a powerful tool for personal empowerment and self-expression, using it to challenge societal norms and showcase individuality.

As time progresses, it's evident that Gen Z is at the helm of the trend cycle. Their influence is unmistakable, with TikTok amplifying their every move, ushering in fleeting micro-trends and must-have accessories faster than ever. We often notice that Gen Z’s impact on fashion isn’t always given its due respect. Yes, our penchant for "-core" aesthetics and unconventional styles might raise a few eyebrows, but there's no denying that Gen Z is swiftly becoming a dominant force in terms of purchasing power and fashion choices. 

To get a clearer picture of what's on the horizon, we plan to uncover the trends they're most excited about for the current year. Whether it's the revival of Tumblr-esque outfits or runway-inspired details subtly making their mark, the insights this blog plan on sharing will guide you through the Gen Z-approved trends set to take over in 2024.  Let’s dive into the dynamic fashion trends that are defining Gen Z today.

Who are Gen Z? 

Generation Z, often referred to as Gen Z, encompasses individuals born roughly between the mid-1990s and early 2010s. This generation has grown up in a world where digital technology is ubiquitous, making them the first true digital natives. They have been exposed to the internet, social media, and mobile devices from a very young age, shaping their worldview and how they interact with technology, information, and each other. Gen Z is characterized by their tech-savviness, social awareness, and a strong inclination towards authenticity and inclusivity.

In addition to their digital proficiency, Gen Z is known for its unique values and perspectives. They are highly conscious of social, environmental, and political issues, often advocating for change and holding brands accountable for their actions. Their approach to fashion, work, and lifestyle is heavily influenced by these values, favoring sustainability, ethical practices, and diversity. As they continue to grow in numbers and influence, Gen Z is poised to reshape various industries, including fashion, with their distinct preferences and forward-thinking mindset.

What does Gen Z value? 

Gen Z, a pragmatic, socially conscious, and trend-focused generation, has grown up with an unprecedented level of access to information. This digital-native cohort values engaging with brands that actively share information on social media, seeking transparency and authenticity. Their fashion choices are heavily influenced by their desire for identity and self-expression. Rather than blindly following industry trends, Gen Z strives to set their own, rebelling against traditional fashion norms and creating unique styles that reflect their individuality.

Additionally, Gen Z places a high emphasis on personal improvement and ethical practices. They prefer to own high-quality items and make thoughtful decisions, often favoring brands that prioritize sustainability and ethical production. This generation’s ideology is rooted in activism; they demand accountability from companies and champion body positivity and size inclusivity. Mental health and well-being are also paramount, with Gen Z actively raising awareness about issues previously considered taboo. They favor brands that communicate in a casual, community-forward manner, reflecting their preference for informality and relaxed dress codes that emphasize comfort and convenience. Understanding these core values is key to appreciating the unique fashion trends emerging from this influential generation.

Gen Z Fashion- Key Characteristics

Gen Z fashion is marked by a series of distinctive elements that differentiate it from the styles of previous generations. Recognizing these characteristics can help Millennials not only appreciate but also seamlessly integrate Gen Z trends into their own wardrobes.

1. Embracing Individuality and Self-Expression

Gen Z places a high value on individuality and self-expression, using fashion as a platform to highlight their unique identities. This generation thrives on the freedom to experiment with a wide array of styles, confidently mixing and matching different aesthetics to narrate their personal fashion stories. This eclectic approach allows them to break away from the conformity of mainstream trends and truly personalize their looks.

2. Sustainability and Ethical Fashion

A significant characteristic of Gen Z fashion is its strong emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices. Gen Z consumers prioritize eco-friendly materials, fair trade, and transparent supply chains. They are highly conscious of the environmental impact of their fashion choices and are more likely to support brands that demonstrate a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and promoting ethical labor practices.

3. Blurring Gender Boundaries

Gen Z fashion challenges traditional gender norms by embracing gender-neutral and unisex styles. This generation advocates for inclusivity and fluidity in fashion, pushing the boundaries of what is considered masculine or feminine. By promoting and wearing gender-blurring clothing, Gen Z encourages a more inclusive and diverse fashion landscape.

4. Nostalgic Fashion Revival

Nostalgia plays a crucial role in Gen Z fashion, with a keen interest in reviving iconic styles from past decades. This generation draws inspiration from the ‘90s grunge scene, the power dressing of the ‘80s, and the bohemian vibes of the ‘70s. They infuse these retro elements with a modern twist, creating a unique blend of the old and the new.

5. Emphasis on Comfort and Functionality

Comfort and functionality are paramount in Gen Z’s fashion choices. They favor clothing that allows for ease of movement and embodies a relaxed, effortless aesthetic. Oversized silhouettes, breathable fabrics, and practical designs are highly valued, reflecting their desire for fashion that accommodates their active, on-the-go lifestyles.

Understanding these key characteristics of Gen Z fashion can help Millennials appreciate the essence of this dynamic style and find inspiration to infuse their own wardrobes with a touch of Gen Z flair. Whether it's through embracing individuality, prioritizing sustainability, or blending past and present trends, the influence of Gen Z fashion is undeniable and ever-evolving.

12 Gen Z Fashion Trends You Need To Know In 2024

Fashion is a constantly evolving landscape, and no generation understands this better than Gen Z. Known for their bold choices and unique sense of style, Gen Z is at the forefront of redefining fashion norms. As we step into 2024, the influence of Gen Z on fashion is more prominent than ever. From nostalgic revivals to innovative, sustainable practices, their trends are shaping the way we dress and express ourselves. Whether you're a fashion enthusiast or just looking to update your wardrobe, these 12 Gen Z fashion trends are essential to know for staying ahead of the curve.

1. Y2K Fashion

The first trend making waves in 2024 is Y2K fashion. Known for its daring and adventurous vibe, Gen Z has revived the iconic styles of the early 2000s, blending nostalgia with contemporary twists. Y2K fashion encompasses a wide array of elements, from low-rise jeans and butterfly clips to platform sneakers and velour tracksuits. This trend brings back the bold, fun, and flashy aspects of the late '90s and early 2000s, creating a unique blend of vintage charm and modern innovation.

What makes Y2K fashion truly special is its versatility. Gen Z has mastered the art of mixing and matching these nostalgic pieces with current fashion trends, creating a distinctive look that resonates with both the past and present. Whether it's sporting statement belts or rocking graphic t-shirts, the Y2K trend allows for endless creativity and personal expression. Embrace the logos and graphics trend. From tops and bags to shoes and jewelry, anything emblazoned with a logo is in vogue. Graphic t-shirts, in particular, are a must-have, adding a playful and trendy touch to any outfit.

2. Non-Skinny Jeans

Expanding your denim collection beyond skinny jeans can introduce new dimensions of style and comfort. Mom jeans, characterized by their high waist and relaxed fit, offer a vintage-inspired aesthetic that pairs seamlessly with various tops, from cropped sweaters to tucked-in blouses. Similarly, boot-cut jeans feature a subtle flare from the knee down, adding a touch of retro flair and creating balanced proportions, particularly when paired with heeled boots.

The appeal of these alternative denim styles lies not only in their fashion-forward appearance but also in their enhanced comfort. Their looser fit allows for greater freedom of movement, making them ideal for extended wear during everyday activities or casual outings. Moreover, the versatility of mom and boot-cut jeans ensures they can be effortlessly dressed up or down, offering endless styling possibilities for different occasions.

3. Eclectic Grandpa

Anticipation builds as the eclectic grandpa aesthetic emerges as a notable trend in fashion. Drawing inspiration from vintage pieces found in grandparents' closets, this trend offers a nostalgic nod to the past while infusing modern interpretations. Essential elements of this style include sweater-vests, librarian glasses, and vintage-looking jackets, all of which contribute to the charmingly quirky appeal of the grandpa look.

For those embracing this trend, there's a world of creative possibilities to explore. Incorporating sweater-vests into outfits adds a touch of preppy sophistication, while librarian glasses lend an intellectual edge to ensembles. Vintage-looking jackets serve as statement pieces, offering both style and functionality. Whether opting for a literal interpretation or putting a contemporary spin on the grandpa aesthetic, fashion enthusiasts can experiment with different combinations to curate outfits that reflect their individuality and sartorial flair.

4. Major Maximalism

The resurgence of maximalism marks a significant shift in fashion trends, with enthusiasts embracing bold and vibrant styles once again. After a period dominated by quiet luxury, maximalism is making a triumphant return, encouraging fashion lovers to embrace color, texture, and elaborate silhouettes. This trend heralds an era of expressive dressing, where individuality reigns supreme, and fashion becomes a canvas for self-expression.

At the heart of maximalism lies the art of layering and accessorizing. Enthusiasts are encouraged to experiment with interesting combinations, mixing and matching patterns, textures, and colors to create visually striking ensembles. From statement jewelry to vibrant scarves and eye-catching bags, accessories play a crucial role in elevating outfits and adding personality to looks. With maximalism, there are no limits, and fashion enthusiasts are encouraged to embrace their creativity and push boundaries to curate unique and memorable outfits.

5. Gender-Fluid Fashion

Gen Z stands as a driving force behind the gender-fluid fashion movement, advocating for inclusivity and flexibility in clothing choices. Gender-fluid fashion transcends conventional notions of masculinity and femininity, offering individuals the freedom to express themselves without the constraints of gender norms. By embracing gender-neutral clothing options, this trend promotes a more inclusive and diverse society where individuals can authentically express their identities through fashion.

Beyond its sartorial significance, gender-fluid fashion represents a broader societal shift towards greater acceptance and understanding of diverse gender identities. Embracing gender-neutral clothing is not only a fashion statement but also a form of activism, challenging traditional gender stereotypes and promoting equality. To incorporate gender-fluid fashion into your wardrobe, opt for versatile pieces like baggy jeans, oversized t-shirts or blazers, and sneakers. Explore both men's and women's sections when shopping and prioritize brands that offer diverse sizing options to support the movement towards greater inclusivity and acceptance in fashion.

6. Cottagecore

Cottagecore has emerged as a prominent Gen Z fashion trend, captivating the imaginations of young women who idealize a pastoral lifestyle. This aesthetic channels the nostalgia of farm life and draws inspiration from vintage housework attire of the early to mid-20th century. Cottagecore fashion is characterized by its loose-fitting and flowy dresses and skirts, reminiscent of garments worn during simpler times. Influenced by the English upper class portrayed in period dramas like Jane Austen adaptations, this trend exudes an air of romanticism and whimsy.

The hallmark of cottagecore fashion lies in its attention to detail and emphasis on rustic charm. Garments often feature delicate embellishments such as puffy sleeves, button blouses, and intricate embroidery depicting flora, fauna, and insects. Common patterns include stripes, paisley, faded floral, and gingham, evoking a sense of pastoral tranquility. To complete the cottagecore look, accessorize with hand-crafted accents like simple jewelry, knitted hats, socks, and outerwear. Shortalls, lace, corsets, and bodices are also popular additions, adding layers of authenticity to this enchanting aesthetic.

7. Dark Academia

Dark Academia has emerged as a prominent fashion trend, drawing inspiration from Gothic 19th-century styles while infusing them with modern sophistication. This aesthetic evokes a sense of mystery and intellectualism, reminiscent of characters like Jo March from "Little Women" or Joe Goldberg from "You." Dark Academia fashion combines vintage elements with refined touches, creating a look that exudes elegance and high society charm.

To achieve the Dark Academia aesthetic, opt for soft knits, earthy tones, and leather accessories that evoke a sense of timeless sophistication. Long coats, wire-framed glasses, and dress shoes are staples of this style, adding to its scholarly appeal. While embracing Dark Academia fashion doesn't require one to be a scholar, enthusiasts of this trend often have a passion for literature, old movies, and fine arts, finding inspiration in vintage pursuits that complement the aesthetic's nostalgic allure. Whether you're strolling through a library or attending a literary event, Dark Academia fashion offers a refined yet edgy style that resonates with those drawn to intellectual pursuits and timeless elegance.

8. Sustainable Fashion

Environmental consciousness has become a cornerstone of Gen Z's values, extending to their fashion preferences and trends. A recent survey from 2020 revealed that a significant 66% of Gen Z consumers are willing to invest more in sustainable or environmentally friendly products. This shift in mindset has influenced fashion choices, with a growing preference for clothing and accessories crafted from recycled materials or produced through sustainable practices.

In response to this demand, platforms like Printful offer customizable eco-friendly products that align with Gen Z's values. By opting for custom-made clothing over fast fashion, individuals contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing overproduction and minimizing waste. Printful's print-on-demand model ensures that products are only manufactured when orders are placed, effectively reducing the environmental impact associated with excess inventory and unsold items. As Gen Z continues to prioritize sustainability, thrift shopping has also gained popularity, with the global secondhand market projected to nearly double by 2027, reaching a value of $350 billion. Thrift shopping not only benefits the environment by extending the lifespan of clothing but also allows shoppers to discover unique styles and fashion choices while reducing their carbon footprint.

9. Streetwear

Gen Z's streetwear fashion trends draw inspiration from the vibrant cultural landscape of the 1990s and early 2000s, particularly hip-hop, sports, and rave culture. This style ethos revolves around the freedom to express oneself through fashion, embracing a mix of styles while championing inclusivity, diversity, and equity in the fashion industry. A quintessential Gen Z streetwear ensemble typically features oversized clothing, including custom t-shirts, baggy pants, custom hoodies, and chunky sneakers, reflecting a casual yet bold aesthetic.

Recognizing the influence of Gen Z on fashion, brands like Nike have adapted their offerings to cater to the preferences of young consumers, solidifying their position as favorites among this demographic. With the rise of streetwear's popularity, aspiring entrepreneurs interested in tapping into this market can explore avenues to start their own streetwear clothing brand. Resources and guides are available to assist individuals in navigating the process of launching a streetwear brand, even for those without prior experience in the fashion industry. Whether through established brands or emerging startups, streetwear continues to thrive as a dynamic and influential force in Gen Z fashion culture.

10. Retro Nostalgia

Gen Z is reviving the charm of past decades by bringing back the iconic styles of the '90s grunge, '70s boho chic, and '60s mod aesthetics, leading a resurgence of vintage clothing with a modern twist. This generation has not only embraced the retro vibes but also added their unique spin, blending nostalgic elements with contemporary fashion to create eclectic and innovative looks. Vintage fashion appeals to Gen Z for its freedom of expression and sustainability, allowing them to make bold fashion statements while supporting environmentally-friendly practices.

Exploring vintage fashion is not only about embracing individuality but also about promoting eco-conscious choices. Gen Z can find vintage treasures at thrift stores, consignment shops, yard sales, or even by raiding their parents' closets for older pieces. To create a striking vintage-inspired outfit, they can experiment with various textures, layers, and prints. Trendy retro components such as oversized jackets, tie-dyed prints, psychedelic patterns, and flared pants blend seamlessly with contemporary garments. Adding different colored baguette bags to these ensembles further enhances the retro charm, making for a stylish and sustainable fashion statement.

11. DIY & Customisation

Gen Z embraces DIY and customized fashion as a way to express their unique stories and individuality. This trend empowers them to break away from the mass-produced clothing available in stores, allowing for a more personal and creative approach to fashion. By making their own accessories and clothes, often through thrifting and DIY projects, Gen Zers can infuse their wardrobes with distinctive touches such as slogans, graphics, patches, and stitching. These customizations serve as a canvas for their personal style, making each piece a reflection of their identity.

Even for those without graphic design or sewing skills, the rise of print-on-demand services has made customization accessible to everyone. Platforms like Printful offer tools for creating personalized clothing and accessories. Users can upload their own designs or use free clipart available in the Design Maker to create stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces in minutes. This approach not only fosters creativity but also supports sustainability by encouraging unique, made-to-order fashion instead of contributing to fast fashion waste. The DIY and customization trend is a testament to Gen Z's innovative spirit and commitment to individuality in fashion.

12. Chic Minimalism

While many current fashion trends are characterized by chaotic colors and bold prints, a segment of Gen Z is gravitating towards minimalism. However, this new wave of minimalism is distinct from the version familiar to millennials from the early 2010s. Gen Z's approach infuses minimalism with a strong sense of individuality and personality, making it anything but basic. Their minimalist fashion is defined by clean lines, neutral colors, and simple silhouettes, focusing on wardrobe staples like white shirts, oversized blazers, black trousers, and understated accessories.

One notable expression of Gen Z minimalism is the "coastal grandmother" trend, a term popularized by TikTok user Lex Nicoleta. This style, inspired by Diane Keaton's character in "Something’s Gotta Give," embodies a laid-back, coastal aesthetic. Think oversized jumpers paired with wide-legged trousers or flowy pants. The coastal grandmother look is more than just a fashion trend; it represents a lifestyle that values coastal vibes, home cooking, cozy interiors, and hosting intimate gatherings. It's a trend that speaks to those who appreciate the tranquility and elegance of coastal living, regardless of their age.


In conclusion, Gen Z's fashion trends are a vibrant reflection of their values, identities, and the digital era they grew up in. From the resurgence of Y2K fashion and the adoption of gender-fluid styles to the rise of sustainability and DIY customization, each trend encapsulates the generation's desire for self-expression, inclusivity, and ethical consumption. Their penchant for nostalgic revivals, maximalism, and minimalism alike demonstrates a unique blend of past and present influences, creating a distinctive and dynamic fashion landscape. By prioritizing comfort, individuality, and authenticity, Gen Z continues to challenge and redefine traditional fashion norms, paving the way for a more inclusive and conscious industry.

As we look to the future, it is evident that Gen Z's influence on fashion will only continue to grow. Their commitment to sustainability, social justice, and mental well-being will likely inspire more brands to adopt transparent and ethical practices. The fusion of diverse styles and the embrace of digital platforms will keep Gen Z at the forefront of fashion innovation. For Millennials and older generations, understanding and incorporating these trends offers a glimpse into the future of fashion and a chance to engage with the dynamic and ever-evolving world of Gen Z. By embracing these trends, we not only stay stylish but also contribute to a more inclusive, sustainable, and expressive fashion landscape.


What is Gen Z fashion right now?

Gen Z fashion right now is characterized by a blend of nostalgia and innovation. Popular styles include Y2K fashion, gender-fluid clothing, and sustainable fashion. They favor bold, expressive pieces that allow for individualism, such as oversized silhouettes, vibrant colors, and eclectic accessories. Thrifting and DIY fashion are also integral parts of Gen Z style, reflecting their commitment to sustainability and uniqueness.

What are trends for Gen Z?

Current trends for Gen Z include Y2K fashion, characterized by low-rise jeans, butterfly clips, and platform sneakers. Other popular trends are gender-fluid and unisex clothing, vintage and retro styles, maximalism with bold colors and accessories, and the eco-conscious choices of sustainable and ethically-made clothing. Additionally, the "eclectic grandpa" look and dark academia are also trending, showcasing Gen Z's love for mixing old with new.

Why is Gen Z obsessed with fashion?

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Gen Z's obsession with fashion stems from their desire for self-expression and individuality. Fashion allows them to communicate their identities, beliefs, and values. Moreover, with social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, fashion has become a highly visual and interactive form of self-presentation and community-building. Gen Z also uses fashion as a tool for activism, advocating for sustainability, gender inclusivity, and social justice through their style choices.

What fashion is trending right now?

Trending fashion right now includes Y2K aesthetics with its iconic early 2000s pieces, maximalist styles with vibrant colors and bold accessories, and gender-fluid clothing that breaks traditional gender norms. Sustainability remains a significant trend, with many opting for eco-friendly and secondhand clothing. Additionally, dark academia, with its scholarly and vintage-inspired look, and cottagecore, with its romantic, rural-inspired attire, are also popular.

What aesthetic do Gen Z like?

Gen Z enjoys a variety of aesthetics, often mixing and matching to create unique looks. Popular aesthetics include Y2K, which is vibrant and nostalgic; dark academia, which is vintage and intellectual; and cottagecore, which is romantic and nature-inspired. They also favor streetwear for its casual, edgy vibe, and gender-fluid fashion for its inclusivity and boundary-pushing style. Each aesthetic allows them to explore different facets of their identity and express themselves creatively.

What is the shopping trend for Gen Z?

The shopping trend for Gen Z focuses on sustainability and individuality. They prefer thrifting and buying secondhand to reduce their environmental impact and find unique pieces. Online shopping is prevalent, with many Gen Zers opting for brands that offer transparency in their ethical practices. They also enjoy DIY and customization, often personalizing their clothes and accessories to reflect their personal style. Print-on-demand services and small, niche brands are particularly popular for their customizable options.

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