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30 Sustainable Brands That Are Making a Difference (Updated List 2024)


In an era where our planet's well-being hangs in the balance, the fashion industry is stepping up its game, offering a plethora of sustainable options. However, navigating the sea of green choices can feel like a daunting task, especially with the rise of greenwashing. The buzzwords and eco-friendly claims can leave consumers puzzled about where to invest their money. Fear not! Our Unstitched franchise is here to guide you through this eco-conscious maze, highlighting a different brand each month that embodies the true essence of sustainability in fashion.

Yet, sustainable fashion extends beyond the labels you wear; it's a lifestyle. From exploring eco-friendly shopping destinations to embracing the rental market and choosing secondhand treasures, there are various avenues to tread on the path to greener choices. And don't forget, the journey doesn't end at the checkout. Properly caring for your fashion finds ensures they stand the test of time, avoiding premature disposal.

For those who prefer to shop new, fear not – a green fashion revolution is underway. Many brands are fervently working towards a more sustainable future, and we've delved into the minds of our favorite labels to uncover what being a sustainable force in today's fashion landscape truly means. Join us as we unravel the secrets of eco-friendly, style-conscious choices that echo a commitment to a greener and more ethical fashion ethos.

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is a holistic approach to clothing production and consumption that prioritizes environmental and social responsibility. At its core, it seeks to minimize the negative impact of the fashion industry on the planet and its inhabitants. This involves embracing eco-friendly materials, ethical manufacturing processes, and a commitment to fair labor practices. Sustainable fashion also promotes longevity by encouraging consumers to invest in high-quality, timeless pieces that withstand trends, reducing the overall demand for fast fashion.

Moreover, sustainable fashion extends beyond the production phase. It encompasses eco-conscious choices throughout a garment's life cycle, from responsible shopping habits to proper care and disposal. This multifaceted approach addresses the environmental and social challenges posed by the traditional fashion industry, fostering a more mindful and ethical relationship between consumers, brands, and the planet. Ultimately, sustainable fashion is a transformative movement that seeks to redefine the industry's norms, promoting a harmonious balance between style, ethics, and environmental stewardship.

What is the difference between sustainable fashion and fast fashion?

Sustainable fashion and fast fashion represent two contrasting paradigms within the clothing industry. Fast fashion is characterized by rapid production cycles, mass-produced garments, and a focus on quickly replicating runway trends at an affordable price. This model often leads to overconsumption, as consumers are enticed to constantly purchase inexpensive, trendy items that are frequently discarded after only a few wears. Fast fashion's reliance on cheap labor and resource-intensive processes also contributes to environmental degradation and poor working conditions in the global fashion supply chain.

On the other hand, sustainable fashion is a conscientious response to the negative impacts of fast fashion. It emphasizes ethical and environmentally friendly practices throughout the entire fashion life cycle. Sustainable fashion involves the use of eco-friendly materials, fair labor practices, and a commitment to reducing waste and carbon footprint. Instead of chasing fleeting trends, sustainable fashion encourages a slower, more thoughtful approach to consumption, prioritizing quality over quantity. Brands in the sustainable fashion realm often focus on creating timeless pieces that endure beyond seasonal fads, fostering a more enduring and responsible relationship between consumers and their clothing.

What makes a brand sustainable?

A sustainable brand is characterized by its commitment to minimizing its environmental and social impact across all facets of its operations. Firstly, sustainable brands prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials, opting for alternatives that are ethically sourced, organic, or recycled. This conscious choice extends to the manufacturing process, where energy-efficient methods and reduced water usage contribute to a lower overall environmental footprint. By incorporating transparency into their supply chains, sustainable brands ensure that consumers are aware of the origins and journey of their products, fostering accountability and trust.

Secondly, social responsibility is a cornerstone of sustainable brands. These companies prioritize fair labor practices, ensuring that workers along the supply chain are treated ethically and paid a fair wage. By fostering positive relationships with workers and local communities, sustainable brands contribute to the well-being of individuals involved in the production process. Additionally, sustainable brands often engage in philanthropy or community initiatives, furthering their positive impact beyond the confines of their products. Overall, a sustainable brand embodies a holistic commitment to ethical and eco-conscious practices, aiming to create a positive influence on both the planet and society.

Why should you invest in sustainable fashion in 2024?

In 2024, investing in sustainable fashion is not just a style choice; it's a conscious decision with far-reaching positive impacts. The fashion industry's environmental and social responsibilities have become increasingly apparent, prompting a shift towards sustainability. By choosing sustainable fashion, you contribute to a movement that prioritizes eco-friendly materials, ethical production practices, and a reduced carbon footprint. This shift away from fast fashion's wasteful practices aligns with a growing global awareness of the environmental challenges we face, making sustainable fashion a responsible and forward-thinking investment.

Moreover, investing in sustainable fashion in 2024 is an investment in longevity and quality. Sustainable brands often prioritize durable materials and timeless designs, creating pieces that withstand the test of time both in terms of style and wear. This contrasts with the fast fashion model, where trends are ephemeral, and garments are often discarded after a few uses. By choosing sustainable fashion, you not only make a positive impact on the planet but also build a wardrobe filled with pieces that endure beyond transient trends, providing value and satisfaction for years to come. In essence, investing in sustainable fashion is a conscientious decision that aligns with the evolving values of 2024, combining style with a commitment to a more ethical and sustainable future.

List of 30 Sustainable Brands That Are Worth Checking Out

Embark on a journey through the vibrant landscape of sustainable fashion. In a world where conscious choices matter, these brands stand out as trailblazers, seamlessly blending style with environmental and ethical responsibility. 

Discover a diverse array of labels committed to shaping the future of fashion, where each purchase becomes a step towards a more sustainable and mindful wardrobe. Join us in celebrating these pioneers who redefine the industry, proving that fashion can be both chic and a force for positive change.

1. E.L.V. Denim

elv denim website

E.L.V Denim emerges as a pivotal player in the realm of sustainable fashion. Established in 2018 and headquartered in East London, this luxury brand is a beacon for conscientious consumers. Their specialty lies in crafting timeless yet striking designs exclusively from 100% upcycled materials. 

This commitment not only ensures the creation of unique, statement pieces but also aligns with a profound eco-conscious ethos. By avoiding contributions to landfills, E.L.V Denim sets a high standard for sustainable practices, proving that fashion can be both luxurious and environmentally responsible.

2. Pact

pact website homepage

Pact is dedicated to creating irresistibly soft and sustainable clothing for all ages, promoting a better world with every stitch. Their commitment extends across the entire supply chain, meticulously ensuring responsible practices from organic cotton cultivation to the final sewing. Non-GMO cotton benefits both consumers and the dedicated farmers. 

A trusted choice for basics and underwear, Pact goes the extra mile with carbon-offset shipping, making each purchase a step towards a more sustainable future. Dive into comfort and conscience with Pact, where fashion meets ethical responsibility, leaving a positive imprint on both individuals and the planet.

3. Ninety Percent

ninety percent

Ninety Percent prioritizes responsibility and sustainability as the core values defining its brand ethos. The name itself reflects this commitment, as the brand generously donates 90% of its profits to the individuals behind the collections and five impactful causes. Offering a blend of soft, modern tailoring and versatile silhouettes, Ninety Percent caters to the needs of capsule dressing, making it an ideal choice for building a timeless wardrobe. 

With a focus on giving back and contemporary style, the brand seamlessly combines fashion with a purpose, allowing consumers to embrace both conscious choices and enduring, chic designs.

4. Kotn

kotn website

Elevate your everyday wardrobe with the luxurious touch of Kotn's ultra-soft basics, meticulously crafted from Egyptian cotton. Committed to ethical practices, Kotn ensures a fair and secure environment for the creation of all its garments, actively supporting suppliers in transitioning to organic methods within the next five years. 

As a certified B Corp, Kotn extends its impact beyond fashion, having positively influenced over 100,000 lives in Egypt through initiatives such as building schools and funding over 2,000 farms. With a focus on quality manufacturing, Kotn guarantees longevity, ensuring each cotton tee lasts for at least 30 wears—each wear embodying both comfort and meaningful impact.

5. House of Marici

house of marici website

House of Marici stands as an eco-conscious accessories brand, pioneering environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional luxury leather handbags. Launched on World Earth Day in 2020 by founder Amanda Navaian, the brand reflects her deep-rooted passion for environmentalism shaped by dual heritage—growing up in Sweden and connecting with the strong craftsmanship tradition in Iran during family visits. 

House of Marici embraces plant-based materials, offering a sustainable choice without compromising on style. Navaian's vision transforms tradition into innovation, making House of Marici a symbol of both chic accessorizing and responsible, earth-friendly fashion.

6. Quince

quince website

Quince redefines sustainability as a standard, not a luxury, with a mission to make ethical and eco-friendly clothing accessible to all. From Mulberry silk tops to cashmere cardigans and sustainably sourced leather bags, Quince offers a diverse range at affordable price points. 

Prioritizing eco-conscious practices, the brand ensures that products are delivered in virgin plastic-free packaging, with a commitment to transitioning to fully compostable packaging. Quince emerges as a go-to choice for those seeking versatile, effortless, and fashion-forward basics, where style seamlessly intertwines with affordability and a deep commitment to environmental responsibility.

7. Sézane

sézane website

Sézane, the Parisian fashion brand, embodies a simple yet profound mission: to craft high-quality, impeccably tailored pieces meant to endure through time. With a decade of industry presence, Sézane remains committed to producing limited-quantity items, showcasing an alternative model that seamlessly combines creativity, innovation, and eco-friendliness. 

The brand's emphasis on lasting style echoes its dedication to sustainability, inviting consumers to explore a wardrobe where each piece is thoughtfully designed to be cherished forever. Sézane stands as a beacon of enduring fashion in the heart of Paris, where a commitment to quality meets a conscious approach to consumption.

8. tentree

tentree website

tentree pioneers Earth-first essentials for the entire family, crafting sustainable and comfortable pieces using eco-friendly materials. As part of their commitment to giving back, the brand plants 10 trees for every item purchased, totaling over 73 million trees to date, with an ambitious goal of reaching 1 billion by 2030. 

Designed in Canada and ethically manufactured globally, tentree's lifestyle and loungewear collection include cozy sweat sets, t-shirts, cardigans, dresses, and jackets made from sustainable fabrics like Tencel, hemp, and organic cotton. With a minimal ecological footprint and maximum comfort, tentree offers something for everyone seeking to make a positive impact, one step at a time.

9. Brøgger

brøgger website

Launched in 2017 by Julie Brøgger, the Danish label Brøgger revolves around the belief that longevity is paramount for a more sustainable wardrobe and responsible fashion consumption. The brand is dedicated to low-impact production methods, exemplifying a commitment to environmentally conscious practices. 

Brøgger has carved out a niche for itself by achieving the perfect equilibrium between masculine and feminine aesthetics, skillfully blending sharp tailoring with soft silhouettes. With a focus on durability and a mindful approach to design, Brøgger emerges as a symbol of fashion that not only transcends trends but also embraces a more responsible and enduring approach to style.

10. Fair Indigo

fair indigo website

Fair Indigo stands out in the realm of sustainable apparel by emphasizing the often-overlooked aspects of quality and longevity. The brand's commitment extends beyond eco-friendliness to creating garments designed to endure for upwards of five years, exemplified by their Forever Organic Tees, available in various styles and earth-friendly dyes. 

Fair Indigo's garments are crafted from organic Peruvian Pima cotton, grown on a family farm and harvested by hand, showcasing a dedication to sustainable and ethical practices. As a go-to destination for affordable organic basics and artisan-made accessories, Fair Indigo not only provides quality apparel but also champions enduring style with a positive impact on both consumers and the environment.

11. Stella McCartney

stella mccartney website

Stella McCartney challenges the stereotype that 'eco' fashion must sacrifice luxury, beauty, or desirability. According to her, the term shouldn't evoke images of bland oatmeal-colored garments or oversized, uninspiring fashion. As a pioneer in ethical design, McCartney has revolutionized the industry by refusing to use leather or fur, aligning her brand with a strong commitment to environmental preservation, including the protection of endangered forests. 

Through her visionary approach, McCartney demonstrates that sustainability can seamlessly coexist with high-end fashion, proving that style and ethical values can intertwine harmoniously in the world of luxury apparel.

12. Everlane

everlane website

Everlane stands as a dependable choice for a range of fashion essentials, from denim and business-casual attire to professional footwear and Italian leather totes. The brand's chic looks are crafted with fine fabrics in ethical factories worldwide, embodying radical transparency in both manufacturing and pricing. Everlane goes beyond fashion, providing a clear view of the impact of each clothing item through its sustainability page. 

Here, environmental initiatives, carbon commitments, and annual impact reports are readily available, allowing consumers to stay informed about how Everlane continually elevates its sustainability practices. With a focus on transparency and quality, Everlane is a go-to destination for those seeking both style and ethical consciousness in their wardrobe choices.

13. Gabriela Hearst

gabriela hearst website

Gabriela Hearst, a prominent figure in New York's fashion scene, stands out as one of the city's most influential designers. Renowned for her elegant collections, sustainability lies at the heart of the Gabriela Hearst brand. In a groundbreaking move, Hearst orchestrated the first carbon-neutral fashion show during New York Fashion Week last September, collaborating with EcoAct to minimize the event's carbon footprint. 

The brand made a significant equivalent donation to the Hifadhi-Livelihoods Project in Kenya, exemplifying a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Approximately 25% of Hearst's collections feature materials sourced from dead stock, diverting materials from landfills. Moreover, her collaboration with 600 women across Uruguay emphasizes the brand's dedication to handmade designs, intertwining sustainability with craftsmanship.

14. Allbirds

allbirds website

Allbirds has made a significant mark in the sustainable fashion landscape, celebrated for its eco-friendly approach to footwear, activewear, and accessories. The brand is synonymous with innovation, utilizing natural materials such as SweetFoam® from responsibly-sourced Brazilian sugarcane and their proprietary Trino® material, crafted from renewable tree and merino wool with natural odor-reducing properties. 

Allbirds goes to great lengths to ensure every pair of sneakers and piece of clothing is perfectly sustainable. From their cushioned no-show socks to soft tees and structured sweatpants, Allbirds seamlessly blends comfort and style, making it a must-visit for those seeking sustainable fashion that effortlessly transitions from day to night.

15. Mother of Pearl

mother of pearl website

Mother of Pearl stands as a paragon of conscience-driven design, seamlessly blending contemporary aesthetics with ethical practices. Under the creative direction of Amy Powney, the brand has undergone a transformative shift in its supply chain. 

Powney has introduced natural fibers, transparent manufacturing processes, and a socially responsible approach to suppliers. This commitment to ethical sourcing and production positions Mother of Pearl as a trailblazer in the fashion industry, offering wearable pieces that not only reflect modern style but also contribute to a more sustainable and socially conscious future.

16. Warp + Weft

warp + weft website

Warp + Weft, a family-owned brand, is on a mission to provide ethically-made denim that caters to every body. True to their commitment, the brand offers a diverse range with 75 sizes, shapes, and heights represented, ensuring inclusivity in denim fashion for all. With over 681,000 jeans sold, Warp + Weft's vertically-integrated manufacturing processes not only provide the best value but also align with their dedication to sustainability. 

Impressively, the brand utilizes less than 10 gallons of water in denim production and recycles an impressive 98% of the water used, marking a significant stride towards eco-conscious denim fashion. With a commitment to both inclusivity and environmental responsibility, Warp + Weft sets a benchmark for ethical denim production.

17. Brother Vellies

brother vellies website

Launched in 2013 by designer Aurora James, Brother Vellies is a luxury footwear label that serves as a testament to the preservation of traditional African design practices and techniques. Artisans from around the world contribute to the brand's unique collections, crafting footwear from vegetable-tanned leathers, soling made from recycled tires, hand-carved wood, floral-dyed feathers, and various fabrics. 

Based in Brooklyn, the label has garnered admiration from some of the world's most stylish women, including Solange Knowles and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. Brother Vellies not only epitomizes luxury in design but also champions a global collaboration that celebrates cultural heritage and sustainable craftsmanship.

18. Yes Friends

yes friends website

Yes Friends breaks the stereotype that Fair Trade clothing can't be both affordable and sustainable. Affirming a resounding "yes" to ethical fashion accessibility, Yes Friends sources its apparel from factories in significant quantities, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on ethical standards. These factories and suppliers adhere to, and often surpass, ethical brand certifications such as Fair Trade USA, GOTS, BSCI, and WRAP, promoting ethical supply chains and minimizing ecological impact. 

The brand's commitment to affordability and sustainability shines through in their clothing offerings, with favorites like the organic quarter-zip fleece and heavyweight sweatshirt becoming go-to staples for year-round comfort. Yes Friends stands as a beacon, proving that ethical and sustainable fashion can indeed be within everyone's reach.

19. BITE Studios

bite studios website

BITE Studios, born in Stockholm and named as an acronym for By Independent Thinkers for Environmental Progress, is a minimalist label that stems from the collective passion for sustainability shared by its four co-founders. Focused on certified organic fabrics, the brand offers 20 fixed styles that undergo seasonal updates, emphasizing the concept of timeless clothing designed for longevity. 

BITE Studios produces elegant and well-cut pieces, characterized by shades of navy, oatmeal, and grey, with occasional pops of orange. The brand's commitment to sustainable practices and minimalist aesthetics positions it as a noteworthy player in the fashion landscape, where environmental progress meets timeless style.

20. Jungmaven

jungmaven website

Founded in the 90s by Robert Jungmann, Jungmaven emerged as a response to the environmentally damaging clear-cutting practices prevalent at the time. Dedicated to challenging the status quo, the brand played a crucial role in redefining hemp's place in the fashion industry. Initially overlooked, hemp has now gained recognition as a natural fiber with over 25,000 uses and minimal environmental impact.

Jungmaven pioneers the use of hemp in soft and durable apparel, promoting the fiber's natural antimicrobial properties. Hemp cultivation requires no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or GMO seeds, making it one of the planet's most sustainable and durable materials. For eco-conscious consumers, Jungmaven's collection becomes a must-have, embodying a commitment to both style and environmental responsibility.

21. Asket

asket website

Asket places a primary focus on providing its customers with the perfect fit, recognizing that this is essential for any well-curated capsule wardrobe. The brand's philosophy revolves around the idea that purchasing the right size, coupled with high-quality materials, eliminates the need for frequent replacements, thus promoting a greener approach to wardrobe management. 

Offering an impressive range of 50 sizes, Asket ensures inclusivity, ensuring there is something for everyone. By emphasizing fit, quality, and sustainability, Asket encourages a more mindful and lasting approach to fashion, where each piece becomes a timeless addition to a consciously curated wardrobe.

22. Boody

boody website

Boody is your go-to destination for affordable bamboo basics that won't break the bank. Headquartered globally in Sydney, Australia, with a US HQ in San Diego, Boody is a sustainable brand that harnesses the power of fast-growing, eco-friendly, and anti-bacterial bamboo to create super-soft clothing. 

The range encompasses casual bodysuits, cozy leggings, and incredibly soft loungewear, not to mention an impressive collection of underwear. Every piece in Boody's collection is thoughtfully and responsibly made, inviting you to wear and enjoy fashion that seamlessly combines comfort, style, and sustainability.

23. Maggie Marilyn

maggie marilyn website

Maggie Marilyn champions transparency as a fundamental aspect of being a responsible brand. The designer vocalizes every detail about her collections, from the individuals crafting them to the sourcing of materials and the intricacies of the supply chain. This commitment to openness and accountability is further underscored by the brand's recent achievement of B Corp certification, acknowledging its positive social and environmental impacts. 

With this recognition, Maggie Marilyn solidifies its dedication to using fashion as a force for positive change, providing shoppers with the assurance that their choices contribute to creating a better world through the brand's ethical and sustainable practices.

24. Vege Threads

vege threads website

Vege Threads, proudly crafted in Australia, specializes in soft, breathable, and ethically-made loungewear and intimates. Renowned for their high-quality basics, the brand offers a range of understated colors, all crafted with GOTS-certified organic cotton, UV-resistant hemp, and locally-dyed merino wool. 

Among their standout products are the stretchy sun socks, produced in a partially solar-powered factory—hence the name. Vege Threads also excels in maternity options, providing comfort and light support for postpartum lounging. With a commitment to sustainability and local production, Vege Threads invites you to indulge in fashion that seamlessly blends comfort, style, and ethical responsibility.

25. Nynne

nynne website

Nynne embodies a culture of mindful consumption—less but better. The label channels this ethos by prioritizing eight key areas of sustainability across its operations: materials, production, proximity, avoiding deadstock, consciousness, durability, packaging, and its unique 'Diana' concept. 

At the heart of Nynne's design philosophy is the signature 'Diana' dress, a representation of the brand's commitment to creating pieces that are versatile, stylish, and timeless. By emphasizing sustainability in every aspect, Nynne invites consumers to invest in fashion that not only aligns with their values but also stands the test of time in terms of both style and environmental impact.

26. Toad & Co

toad & co website

Toad & Co, formerly known as Horny Toad, originated in Telluride, Colorado, in 1995. Founded by Jessica Nordhaus, the brand had humble beginnings in her garage, crafting toque hats by hand for friends. 

Since then, Toad & Co has expanded its community while prioritizing various social and environmental initiatives. These include co-funding Search for Adventure, a travel program for individuals with developmental disabilities, and supporting conservation projects through The Conservation Alliance. The brand offers a range of modern travel and activewear. Additionally, Toad & Co has a pre-loved site, allowing customers to buy and sell second-hand Toad & Co items, further promoting sustainability in fashion.

27. Haverdash

haverdash website

Haverdash stands as a leading force in the fashion rental revolution, offering a pioneering online fashion subscription service. For less than $60 per month, customers gain access to an endless array of clothing styles. With Haverdash, building a virtual closet is as simple as selecting styles, and subscribers receive three curated pieces delivered straight to their door each month. 

The service provides free shipping and allows for unlimited rotations, enabling customers to switch styles throughout the month. Each item is meticulously wet and dry cleaned, and the subscription includes a pre-paid bag for easy returns. With Haverdash, the fashion experience becomes a seamless cycle of wash, rinse, and repeat, bringing affordability and sustainability to the forefront of wardrobe choices.

28. Sheep Inc.

sheep inc website

Sheep Inc. was founded with a vision to redefine fashion production as a solution rather than a problem. When you purchase a jumper from Sheep Inc., you're not just buying a piece of clothing; you're also allocated a real-life sheep from the New Zealand farm where the wool for your jumper originates. 

Each sweater features a digital NFC tag on the hem, providing a unique connection to your allocated sheep. Regular updates on your sheep's well-being are sent to keep you informed. All of Sheep Inc.'s farms adhere to the label's stringent animal welfare standards and are certified by ZQ Merino, reflecting the brand's commitment to ethical practices in every step of the production process.

29. Bassike

bassike website

Since its inception in 2006, Bassike has been built on the ethos of treating people and the planet with respect. It has evolved into the go-to brand for luxurious and wearable everyday pieces that effortlessly transition from casual to formal settings. 

The label places a strong emphasis on high-quality design while being dedicated to sustainable manufacturing practices and supporting local industries in its home base of Australia. Recognizing its commitment, Bassike has achieved both B Corp and carbon neutral certifications, underscoring its ongoing efforts to combine style with environmental and social responsibility in the fashion industry.

30. Navygrey

navygrey website

Navygrey has secured its place in the little black book of sustainable brands, renowned for its meticulously curated collection of classic knits. Founded by Rachel Carvell-Spedding, the brand emerged from a quest to find a replacement for her mother's perfect navy jumper. 

Navygrey collaborates with some of Europe's best-practice manufacturers, ensuring a transparent supply chain. Each style is produced in limited quantities to minimize excess waste, and the brand employs certified recycled paper for packaging. Committed to reducing its carbon footprint, Navygrey strives to ship the majority of its stock either by road or a boat. 

Where can you buy sustainable fashion in India? 

Embarking on a conscious fashion journey in India? Discovering sustainable brands just got easier. From timeless classics to modern essentials, explore a curated list of eco-friendly fashion labels that prioritize ethical practices and environmental responsibility. Whether you're seeking wardrobe staples or statement pieces, this guide will lead you to the best destinations for embracing sustainable fashion in India.

1. Myntra

myntra website

Embrace sustainable fashion effortlessly on Myntra, one of India's leading e-commerce platforms. Navigate to Myntra's dedicated section for sustainable fashion, where a diverse array of eco-conscious brands awaits. Explore curated collections that prioritize ethical practices, environmental responsibility, and the latest trends. 

From timeless classics to contemporary pieces, Myntra provides a seamless shopping experience for conscious consumers. Discover and support brands committed to sustainable fashion, ensuring your wardrobe reflects not only style but also a conscientious approach to the environment. With Myntra's user-friendly interface and commitment to eco-friendly choices, sustainable fashion is just a click away.

2. Virgio

virgio website

Embark on a sustainable fashion journey with Virgio, an emerging platform dedicated to conscious choices. Virgio offers a curated selection of trendy and eco-friendly fashion, making sustainable shopping an exciting and accessible experience. Navigate through their thoughtfully assembled collections, showcasing brands committed to ethical and environmental practices. 

Virgio caters to the conscious consumer, providing a seamless online destination to discover and embrace fashion that aligns with both style and sustainability. With Virgio, the path to a greener wardrobe is adorned with contemporary designs and a commitment to a brighter, eco-conscious future.

3. Ajio

ajio website

Embark on a sustainable fashion journey with Ajio, a leading e-commerce platform in India that embraces conscious choices. Navigate through Ajio's dedicated section for sustainable fashion, where an extensive array of eco-conscious brands awaits. Discover a curated collection that seamlessly blends style and ethical practices, offering choices for the environmentally aware consumer. 

Ajio ensures a user-friendly experience, making it easy to explore and adopt sustainable fashion without compromising on trends or quality. With their commitment to promoting eco-friendly choices, Ajio provides a convenient and rewarding platform for those looking to build a greener and more sustainable wardrobe.

4. GoFynd

gofynd website

Explore a sustainable fashion journey with GoFynd, a leading marketplace renowned for its streetwear, athleisure, and sustainable fashion offerings. Navigate through their carefully curated collection, reflecting the latest trends while placing a strong emphasis on eco-conscious choices. 

The platform houses a diverse range of sustainable brands that seamlessly marry style with ethical practices. With GoFynd's user-friendly interface, conscious consumers can effortlessly discover and invest in sustainable fashion. Whether your preference is streetwear or athleisure, GoFynd ensures that making eco-friendly choices for your wardrobe is both accessible and chic, contributing to a more sustainable and fashion-forward future.

5. Brown Living

brown living website

Redefine your lifestyle with Brown Living, a holistic marketplace curating sustainable fashion and lifestyle essentials. Explore their diverse collection where each product aligns with ethical and eco-friendly principles. From fashion to home decor, Brown Living empowers you to make conscious choices without compromising on style, ensuring your purchases contribute positively to both your wardrobe and the planet.

6. Nicobar

nicobar website

Embrace the art of slow fashion at Nicobar, where contemporary aesthetics meet sustainable practices. Each piece is a timeless creation, reflecting a commitment to responsible design. Nicobar seamlessly integrates eco-friendly materials and ethical craftsmanship, offering a collection that transcends trends, resonating with those who appreciate enduring style and environmental responsibility.

7. Tijori

tijori website

Step into Tijori, a Mumbai-based haven for ethical fashion enthusiasts. This physical shopping destination offers a carefully curated selection of sustainable wardrobe choices. Discover unique pieces that combine style with eco-friendliness, ensuring that your fashion journey at Tijori is not only delightful but also leaves a positive footprint on the planet.

8. Grassroot by Anita Dongre

grassroot by anita dongre website

Immerse yourself in the world of sustainable luxury at Grassroot by Anita Dongre. This renowned hub beautifully melds exquisite designs with ethical craftsmanship, presenting a collection that transcends fashion norms. Explore pieces that not only adorn you with elegance but also reflect a commitment to sustainability, inviting you to embrace a more conscientious approach to your fashion choices.


As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, our choices hold the power to shape a sustainable future. In exploring these 30 sustainable brands, we've uncovered a diverse tapestry of ethical craftsmanship, timeless design, and eco-conscious innovation. From the curated selections of Brown Living to the contemporary elegance of Nicobar, the unique offerings of El Rhinoceros, the physical allure of Tijori, and the luxury sustainability of Grassroot by Anita Dongre – each brand contributes to a collective narrative of conscious living. 

By investing in these eco-friendly fashion destinations, we not only adorn ourselves with style but also actively support practices that prioritize the planet. Let our wardrobes become a reflection of a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow, one consciously chosen garment at a time. As we embrace these brands, we partake in a movement that seeks to redefine fashion, making it not just an expression of style, but a statement of responsibility and care for our world.


Which is the most sustainable fashion brand?

Determining the most sustainable fashion brand is complex, as sustainability encompasses various factors. However, E.L.V. Denim stands out for its exceptional commitment. Based in East London, the brand specializes in timeless, statement designs crafted from 100% recycled materials, reducing waste and environmental impact. Founded in 2018, E.L.V. Denim not only produces eco-friendly collections but actively contributes to a circular fashion economy by repurposing discarded denim. Their dedication to upcycling, ethical practices, and stylish sustainability positions them as a noteworthy contender for the title of the most sustainable fashion brand.

What clothing company is most sustainable?

Identifying the single most sustainable clothing company is challenging due to the multifaceted nature of sustainability. However, Patagonia stands as a trailblazer in the industry. Renowned for its eco-friendly practices, Patagonia prioritizes recycled materials, fair labor, and environmental activism. The company encourages repair and reuse through its Worn Wear program, emphasizing longevity. Patagonia's transparent supply chain, commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, and constant pursuit of ethical and environmental initiatives make it a standout leader in sustainable fashion, setting a high standard for the industry's collective efforts towards a greener future.

Is Zara a sustainable fashion brand?

arrow down

Zara, a fast-fashion giant, faces criticism for its environmental impact and rapid production cycles. While the company has introduced some sustainability initiatives, such as its Join Life collection and commitments to circular fashion, concerns persist. Zara's fast-paced production and reliance on resource-intensive practices raise questions about its overall sustainability. While the brand takes steps toward eco-friendliness, it falls short of being considered a fully sustainable fashion brand. Consumers seeking sustainability may opt for brands with more comprehensive and transparent commitments to environmental and ethical practices.

Is H&M a sustainable brand?

H&M has made notable strides in sustainability but faces ongoing scrutiny. The brand introduced eco-friendly initiatives like their Conscious Collection and garment recycling programs. However, concerns persist regarding its fast-fashion model, reliance on resource-intensive practices, and labor conditions. While H&M sets ambitious sustainability goals, critics question the overall impact, given the scale of its operations. The brand's commitment to circular fashion and sustainable materials signals progress, yet it falls short of categorization as a fully sustainable brand. Consumers seeking ethical and environmental considerations may explore brands with more comprehensive sustainability practices.

Does sustainable fashion have a future?

Absolutely, sustainable fashion undeniably has a promising future. The growing awareness of environmental and ethical issues in the fashion industry is driving a shift towards conscious consumerism. Brands are increasingly adopting eco-friendly practices, utilizing sustainable materials, and committing to transparent supply chains. As consumers prioritize ethical choices, sustainable fashion is evolving from a trend to a fundamental industry standard. Innovations in circular fashion, upcycling, and responsible production methods are paving the way for a more eco-conscious future. The sustainability movement is not just a fleeting trend but a transformative force shaping the future landscape of the fashion industry.

What are the advantages of sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it reduces environmental impact by promoting eco-friendly materials and ethical production methods, mitigating pollution and resource depletion. Secondly, it addresses social issues, ensuring fair labor practices and supporting communities. Thirdly, it fosters conscious consumerism, encouraging responsible choices and reducing the culture of disposable fashion. Additionally, sustainable fashion stimulates innovation, prompting the industry to explore eco-friendly technologies and circular economy models. Overall, embracing sustainability in fashion contributes to a healthier planet, supports ethical practices, and aligns with the evolving values of conscious consumers, fostering a positive and responsible industry shift.

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The Closet is a curated blog dedicated to exploring the world of Streetwear, Athleisure & Sustainable Clothing. We offer a fresh perspective on the ever-evolving fashion & cultural landscape.
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